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‚ÄčAmanda Bussman


About Tom Palleschi

As an avid reader and film fanatic from a very young age, I found myself right at home in

my English and writing classes when I was in school. Even as a child I was constantly

writing stories. About halfway through high school (at a stage when I had absolutely no

clue what my future would hold and had no genuine ambitions beyond what I was already

doing in class), I decided that I would be best off just pursuing what I loved most. Using

money from my very first job, I purchased a video camera and a laptop and began production

on my first short film, a zombie story titled "Apocalypse 2013." Although "Apocalypse 2013"

was never completed, I was ultimately left with a path in life, however hazy it might be, for

the very first time. In my final year of high school I relished in every moment of an Honors

English course that I took, and used my remaining elective credits to study film in a Cinema

Literacy course and to make projects of my own in a Video Production course. With some friends I started up ClimacticEvent, a YouTube channel that we used to showcase our high school videos and still use to showcase our new short film and video projects to this day. The following Fall I began my career at Rhode Island College, where I was immediately greeted by many likeminded students (and professors too!) that I now consider to be among my best friends and fellow peers in Rhode Island's surprisingly expansive film community. At RIC I majored in Film Studies, minored in Creative Writing, and took additional courses in the Mass Media Communication and Art departments. I also interned at Rhode Island PBS and Sojourner House and worked hands-on creating video advertisements for various clubs and organizations during my time employed at RIC's Student Activities Marketing department. During my senior year a piece of flash fiction that I wrote titled "making claims" was published in Shoreline, the school's annual literary magazine. Later that year "The Sneaker," a stop-motion short that I crafted for a 3D-Animation course, had been selected to screen at the 2016 installment of the 401 Film Fest. Now that I have graduated I consider myself to be a freelance writer and filmmaker of sorts. I am in various stages of production on numerous ClimacticEvent shorts, writing a handful of shorts of my own with hopes of filming soon, and trying to network and gain experience by helping out on as many film sets in the meantime as I can. From Production Assistant roles on feature films and commercials to audio work on a web series to shooting video projections for a play, I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every second of where my ambitions have taken me, and eagerly await every coming step along the much less hazy path that has now become my life.